Top 6 AV Latest Technology

Published on Author Barbara Morgan

Technology is improving in different fields and AV has not been left behind. Here is a look at the top 6 Audio Visual latest technology trends. Click to see more of the latest AV news and views from AV Magazine 

outdoor AV

Gesture media

This is an AV latest technology advancement that allows the manipulation of presentation and navigating through it using body movement rather than a mouse, keyboard, slide advancer and other conventional input methods. This trend will involve the installation of different receivers that can read and interpret particular movement for a specific action in a computer. It is ideal for use in intimate presentations like in workshops and product demos. Just blink at the computer, tighten your lips or move your eyes upwards as the software may dictate and move from one part of the presentation to the other.

LED Lighting

This is now fully integratable with video systems giving excellent color matches. No matter what conent and theme you intend to showcase in your AV presentation, LED lighting can now be incorporated for a better visual appeal. The diverse colors one can capture make it a great choice. This comes with another advantage of being more energy efficient.

Multi-image display software

This will run on several display devices making it easy to present completed AV presentations. The images however do not have to be the same in all displays. With the right manipulations, different screens can be used to showcase different images at the same time. This makes it much easier to present more than one idea at the same time. It makes it much easier for those with the aim of comparing things such as poll results and other facts in campaigns. In the film industry, a producer may opt to have the names of a presenter in one screen and the presentation in another. whether on plasma screens, several projectors or other display devices, this software definitely brings a whole other experience in the AV industry.

Video mapping

Also known as projection mapping, this technology allows the projection of images in multi-dimensional shape. Visual effects are created by displaying any of the available images making a display as spectacular as Disney World’s Cinderella’s castle. It creates a visual art by project mapping different aspects of a single image or different images to create a collage that is pleasing to look at and passes the intended message across. This new advancement will prove useful in livening evening events and making an outdoor event into a unique experience. It can however also be used in many other types of presentations. From buildings to cars, anything can be project mapped and made into an awesome creation.

Outdoor Projection

Projection is very powerful and one of the fastest growing AV markets. However it was held back due to restrictions regarding locations and environments that the projector could be mounted. No more. Using the latest outdoor projector housings, the projector is protected from theft, climates/weather, and even vandalism.

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