Digital Signage – Facial Recognition

Published on Author Barbara Morgan

This is brilliant. I am sure we will all agree with a study conducted by marketing  firm, Yankelovich Partners when they reported that 65% of people feel “constantly bombarded” by advertising messages and that 59% feel that ads have very little relevance to them!

Sightcorp (with InSight SDK and CrowdSight SDK toolkits) have developed an ingenious and innovative solution to address the issue of advertising company potentially wasting billions on advertising . Their Audience Measurement Application is based on face analysis technology and is aimed at digital signage and advertising companies. The goal is to enable these companies to  promote a dynamic and interactive communication stream between what is being displayed and the audience.

The amazing solution measures viewers’ facial expressions; including happiness, sadness,and even surprise and level of interest. It also gauges and monitors age, gender and ethnicity group. This is done offline and also in real time.

F.A.C.E, their newly launched  internet based API –  merges these technologies into a signage solution. F.A.C.E  can be used in any signage device with an internet connection.