AV touch tables


Published on Author Barbara Morgan

Not long ago, the touchscreen phones become an everyday occurrence our lives. Soon after, touch pads were introduced into the market to make life easier for touchscreen users. On this trend, the touch table evolved, from simple touch screen phones to larger than life touch tables. Though they are not the everyday gadget that you will find every family using, the touch tables have become a key part of corporates and their management. Touch tables are currently the trend in museums, galleries, theme parts, technological firms, exhibitions and fabrication firms. They are a key part of running institutions and disseminating information from central division. But what have made these tables such an integral part of everyday life? What has ensured that their place in display technology remains unchallenged?

Like every new device in the market, when the touch tables were first introduced into the market, they had a few glitches that had to be rectified, new inventions that they had to add and some features that had to be eliminated for the tables to be more effective. The touch tables had to be more approachable; less intimidating and a bit beautiful for starters. The tables also needed to add up the storage space and up their touch response time. The modern day touch screen is your perfect companion and helper when planning any event that requires you to display your content to an audience. The following features of the AV touch tables will ensure that they are the preferred choice of your events.

Large Screens

It goes without saying that a touch table will have a larger than life screen that will display all your content without inconvenience you by the size. The screens, stretching upwards of 150” provide a platform that will display anything that you want to share with the world without cutting back on quality or format.


Tired of waiting for your partners to finish using the computer to have your go? Then the wait is over. AV touch tables are designed in a way that they can be used by more than one person at a time. You don’t have to wait for me to finish up my work for you to have a go, just chose your own spot and get busy interacting.


Like all touch gadgets, the touch tables come in a wide variety in terms of contents, colour and size. They allow you the freedom to determine exactly what you want in your table. They give you control to determine how the table suits you and how you are suited to operate the table.


Most of the touch tables are acquired with the need to provide service to a large number of people. Repeated touching and exposure to water and dust would, without the right protection, lead to damaging the screen of the tables. The thin chemically strengthened glass top and ensures that water and dust are only smeared on the surface but cannot destroy the table while the surface remains scratch free despite the exposure. It is essential that thorough cleaning is carried out daily, to prevent illness in the workplace! Did you know that a keyboard holds more germs than a toilet seat?


AV touch tables are designed to perform. To perform they need to be a powerhouse that operates for the user. With their insane RAM and internal space, the touch tables guarantees you speed, efficiency and performance. And icing on that cake? You have the option of adding up to 24TB extra space to store everything that you want.


I tried to put this as the last to downplay it, but honestly we live in an ugly world that needs an infusion of beauty every now and then to put a smile on humankind face. The AV touch tables are so insanely beautiful that they make everything around them pale in comparison. They make your presentation so captivating that it increases the value of the content just by being shown on a touch table.

This is new world, and it requires new everything every day. No matter how much is invented, there’s still more out there to be discovered. With the AV touch tables, you are given the means to be on the spear point of these discoveries, and remaining relevant in a world being overrun by new and sophisticated inventions.


They do cost thousands to buy. If you fancy one for the home, why not check out You Tube where people claim to demonstrate making one for under £200.


See the video below which shows a fabulous touch table in action!